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We want to achieve more together by committing to consistent quality. All Theysohn products are 100% produced in Germany and are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Co-rotating twin-screw extruder TSK


With the co-rotating twin-screw extruder TSK Theysohn presents a series with outstanding flexibilty which meets your requirements on process.

Theysohn TSK twin-screw extruder impress with their modular constructed process parts for barrel and screw and for their efficient temperature control at highest screw speed and torque.

In addition to the TSK series with Da/Di 1,55 for applications with highest torque demand, with the TSK-HV we have a high-volume series in our portfolio, which is suitable for shear-sensitive products and materials with high volume requirements and impresses with the highest free screw volume with a Do / Di of 1.83.


  • Screw diameter 20 – 176 mm
  • Torque up to 18 Nm/cm³
  • Screw rotation speed up to 1200 min (-1)
  • Processing length up to 72D
  • Fully intermeshing, self-cleaning, co-rotating screw elements
  • Extruder barrels made of various materials, nitrided steel or with high-alloy wear inserts
  • Efficient internal water cooling for the extruder barrels, 4D or 6D, heated by heating cartridges or bronze heating shells, insulated with stainless steel covers
  • Modular, segmented design of barrel and screw for maximum flexibility
  • High performance gear boxes with overload coupling between motor and gear box
  • On demand Theysohn offers instead of flange housing a horizontal split, hinged process unit for shorter cleaning time and quick change of products
  • A wide range of accessories, eg. side-feeders, vertical or horizontal degassing/vent stuffer, barrel cooling unit are available


The Theysohn TSK Compounder can be used for all compounding tasks thanks to a technically perfected concept.

  • Production of filled and reinforced compounds
  • Production of additive and color masterbatch
  • Cable compounds
  • Alloying of compounds
  • Degassing tasks
  • Applications in the area of reactive extrusion
  • Powder coating
  • Food and non food extrusion