Our portfolio of twin screw extruders is expanded with tried and tested auxiliary units that enrich the technically efficient overall concept.

We can modernise and optimise any brand of existing extrusion lines with our accessories.

Side-feeder TSD


The co-rotating, intermeshing side feeder makes it possible to feed granulate, powder, fillers and fibres in the TSK twin screw extruder.

A large filling aperture with a special feed geometry supports the safe feeding of material, and optimized screw geometry guarantees maximum material feeding and safe delivery into the extruder.

Depending on the processing task, the side feeding can be heated, cooled or designed as its own control area.

Well-proven materials guarantee the well-known long service life of Theysohn products, even under the toughest conditions.

Degassing units TVS and TDS


The problem is well-known and irritating. Your compounder still has power reserves, but material is escaping through the atmospheric or vacuum degassing domes.

This can be remedied with a twin screw hold-down device fastened to the side or on top of the extruder housing. The co-rotating, intermeshing screws hold your melt in the extruder, enabling you to expand your process window.

In addition, the degassing performance of the extruder is improved and the uncontrolled escape of powder, gas or melt to the working environment is prevented.