Theysohn works towards the future.

Our operating and office equipment is continuously adapted to the necessary requirements and combines innovation with technology that inspires.

PVC / C-PVC Pipe Extrusion


With the conical pipe extruders of sizes CON 50, CON 63 and CON 80 and the parallel extruders XTS 88, XTS 108, XTS 122 and XTS 138 in different lengths up to 36D, Theysohn offers you the optimum output range for all pipe applications.

Functionality, modularity and optimally coordinated process technology to minimise wear and energy consumption are at the forefront of the CON and XTS series. The truss base frame of the extruders achieves an optimal balancing act between slim construction and robust machine design of the new CON and XTS series.


  • Parallel extruders with screw diameters from 78 - 136 mm
  • Conical extruders with screw diameters from 50 - 80 mm
  • Process lengths from 24 - 36D
  • Wear-protected screws and barrels in T5000 and T8000 (tungsten carbide)
  • Completely chrome-plated screws for C-PVC processing
  • Gravimetric dosing system


  • PVC single-strand compact pipe 16 - 710 mm diameter
  • PVC dual-strand compact pipe 16 - 250 mm diameter
  • PVC quadruple-strand compact pipe 16 - 63 mm diameter
  • 3-layer pipe with foam and/or recycling core 32 - 710 mm diameter
  • C-PVC hot water pipe single and dual strand 10 - 400 mm diameter
  • Cable protection pipe 10 - 400 mm
  • Co-extruded downfall pipes 32 - 160 mm
  • Pressure, irrigation and drainage systems
  • Bore hole pipes

RKS Streamliner Pipe Head


The RKS Streamliner pipe head series have been created through the continuous improvement and development of the existing Theysohn series. With this new pipe head series, particular attention was paid to an optimum flow of the melt and an optimised head volume. The flow-optimised spider and the new flow channel design result in better welding of the melt after the spider, which in turn permits higher outputs with lower wall thickness tolerance and longitudinal waviness.

Depending on the size, pipes from 12 mm to 710 mm diameter can be produced.

The RKS-Twin and RKS-Quad pipe heads complete the Streamliner series and are used in dual and quadruple-strand extrusion.


  • Higher melt pressure after the torpedo and thus better welding effect
  • Larger pipe diameter ranges for any pipe head size
  • Modular system: Use of the die sets of the next smaller pipe head
  • Quick change of the mandrel to adjust the wall thickness of the end product
  • 30 - 35 % less head volume to reduce dwell time and thus reduction of stabilisers
  • Single, Twin or Quad pipehead for single, dual or quadruple strand production
  • Co-extrusion die design for strips on the outer skin of the pipe


  • PVC pipes 12 - 710 mm OD in all pressure classes
  • All common PVC formulations such as Pb, Ca-Zn, Sn, organic stabilisers
  • C-PVC
  • PVC foam
  • Recycled PVC

Co-Extrusion TW


Theysohn developed the TW 4-10 especially for 3-layer pipe production with a foam or recycled core. This production method allows savings on expensive colour pigment and stabilisers for the middle layer while maintaining the ring stiffness of the pipe.

The latest development from Theysohn is the TW 250 direct co-extrusion pipe head. The TW 250 combines feed block with pipe head. This shortens the dwell time of the material in the head and results in savings in the area of formulation. The purchase of an additional pipe head is not necessary.

Features TW 4-10

  • 3-layer pipes with recycled or foam core
  • Foamed or low-cost recipes
  • Depending on extruder combination and pipe head from 40 - 710 mm
  • Co-extrusion die design for strips on the outer skin of the pipe

Features TW 250 direct

  • 3-layer pipes with recycled or foam core
  • Foamed or low-cost recipes
  • Pipe area 90 - 250 mm
  • Co-extrusion die design for strips on the outer skin of the pipe

Downstream for pipe extrusion


Theysohn offers not only individual pipe tools, but also complete lines. Through the perfect design and combination of conical and/or parallel extruders with the corresponding pipe heads or feed blocks and the appropriate downstream equipment, Theysohn is able to meet the requirements of all customers and find the best combination for flexible high-performance PVC pipe production.

Theysohn rounds off its range with flexible downstream equipment for pipe extrusion. Vacuum spray baths, spray baths, haul-offs and cutting devices - whether for single, dual or quadruple strand production. Theysohn offers not only perfect individual machines, but also complete process-optimised lines


Theysohn offers vacuum and double chamber vacuum spray tanks in various sizes. These are made of stainless steel (V2A) and stand for practice-oriented construction and solid design. Additional spray baths are available.

Depending on the application, there are different types of haul-offs. Belt haul-offs with 2 haul-off belts are used for continuous haul-off of pipes in single strand extrusion. The caterpillar haul-off with 2 caterpillars is used for single and multiple strand extrusion. The front/rear track counterpressure can be adjusted separately. The multi-caterpillar haul-off, in turn, decisively determines the line speed. These haul-offs for the diameter range 6 - 800 mm can be equipped with 3, 4, 6 or 8 caterpillars, depending on the type.

The cutting unit can combine the cutting function and the bevelling function if required. In the case of a chip cut, the suction guard is on the cutting and folding tools or the suction point is on the base of the rotor carriage and ensures that the chips are collected in the bags attached to the frame of the saw. The traditional system for clamping the pipe consists of two pairs of fixed clamping jaws that completely enclose the pipe over 360°. The universal system consists of a progressive closing fixture that closes around the pipe at 8 points (8 jaws), adapting to the different diameters that can be machined.

Applies to all already mentioned pipe productions.