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PVC Siding Extruders


The Theysohn XTS series offers the perfect high-performance extruder for any high-speed siding installation. In combination with an extruder from the newly revised conical "Theysohn CON" series, maximum flexibility and productivity in siding co-extrusion is guaranteed. In addition Theysohn offers turnkey solutions for complete siding lines from extruder to die, calender, film unwinders, calibrating table, slotters, punches and stacking tables.

Functionality, modularity and optimally coordinated process technology to minimise wear and energy consumption are at the forefront of the CON and XTS series. The truss base frame of the extruders achieves an optimal balancing act between slim construction and robust machine design of the new CON and XTS series.


  • Parallel extruders with screw diameters from 88 - 136 mm
  • Conical extruders with screw diameters from 50 - 80 mm
  • Process lengths from 24 - 32D
  • Wear-protected screws and barrels in T5000 and T8000 (tungsten carbide)
  • Completely chrome-plated screws for soft PVC processing
  • Gravimetric dosing system


  • Turnkey solutions and components for co-extruded panels and siding
  • System technology for ½" and ¾" siding systems
  • Single and dual strand production
  • Wood-look siding can be produced by using embossing rollers
  • Co-extrusion or film application systems allow for many different styles and colours

Downstream for Siding Extrusion


The flexible siding downstream from Theysohn rounds off the range for siding extrusion. The siding downstream consists roughly of a tempered 3- or 4-roller embosser with optional direct foiling, calibration table with hot and cold water tank and tool-mounting frame, air knife system, slotter, haul-off, punch and drop table.

With individual adaptations, all customer wishes are fulfilled in the best possible way. Thanks to Theysohn's own control technology, the complete siding system is simple and easy to operate. Theysohn offers not only perfect individual machines, but also complete process-optimised lines.